Honey Dipper Place Cards for Rosh Hashanah


Hi friends!! Back today with a super quick, super easy idea for sprucing up your Rosh Hashanah table setting: Add honey dipper place cards! These beauties involve just three materials—the honey dippers themselves, which I found on Amazon here, the banner-shaped card stock, and some grey baker's twine. (Speaking of which, I'd actually never seen that color before—isn't it sort of lovely?)

I love love love how these turned out. They're so simple, they come together so quickly, and they relate so obviously and beautifully to the whole apples-and-honey theme.


They're just my fave.


As for that gorgeous handwriting (yes, it's really handwriting!)...I'm lucky that one of my best friends, Maria Lane, happens to be a talented calligrapher, among SO many other things. She popped over to my apartment and used a regular old ballpoint pen to create the "faux calligraphy" look you see here.

Magic, right?


(By the way, if you're wondering...those are the names of my nieces and nephews, who've inspired many a post here on the blog! Mila, Silas, Jack, and Theo. Loves of my life.)

(Plus a few sibling names.)

(And one ~mystery man.~)

(Xoxo Gossip Girl.)



You could, of course, get creative and swap out one or another of the elements for something that better suits the look of your table. Red or green baker's twine, for instance, would look cute alongside some apples of the same color, and whatever shape or size of place card you find at your local craft store will work just fine for the name card itself. You can also print out the names, rather than write them by hand. Or you could order the place cards from Etsy—I'm partial to these and those. Or you could watercolor them yourself. Or—you get it. There's a whole lot you can do here to make these feel uniquely "you."

But if you want to go the route I went, my only suggestion is to invest in a higher-quality dipper—these craft ones are often sold in bulk, but they're not quite as beautiful as the olive wood ones I found here.

L'shana tovah and happy celebrating to all!